for Sacred Heart Catholic School

Centered In the Person of Jesus Christ

Through the teachings of the Catholic Church, Sacred Heart Catholic School offers an environment centered on the example of Jesus Christ, focused toward love of God and neighbor, and dedicated to serving the poor and marginalized. We provide each student with the opportunity to engage in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a communal witness to the gospel message.  Our atmosphere is alive with the spirit of God, leading all to the realization of their full human and spiritual potential. 

Contributing to the Evangelizing Mission of the Church

As an educational and pastoral ministry of Sacred Heart Parish and the Bishop, we are active in the evangelizing mission of the church. We express our Catholic Culture visibly through our celebrations of liturgies, sacraments, and faith traditions. We share God’s love through the service of our faith in order to meet the needs of our local and global community. We work for justice, peace, and the integrity of creation and welcome all into our Catholic family.

Distinguished by Excellence

Following Church documents, history, and practices supported by Canon Law, Sacred Heart Catholic School has a rigorous academic program preparing students for the future.  Processes and structures are used to accentuate educational growth and excellence.  Our curriculum coordinates the diocesan standards.   Goal setting is used by students, teachers, and parents to develop the highest expectations of personal and academic achievement.  

Steeped in a Catholic Worldview

All curriculum and instruction in Sacred Heart Catholic School fosters the desire to seek wisdom and truth, the discipline of discernment, the preference for social justice, the inspiration to become self-directed-learners, the capacity to recognize ethical and moral grounding for behavior, and the responsibility to transform and enrich the world with gospel values. 

Shaped by Communion and Community

With mutual cooperation of the home, school, and church, we build a community of faith that recognizes parents as the primary educators.  Intellectual development is harmonized with spiritual, religious, emotional, and social growth. As students experience God in their lives, they develop an appreciation of their gifts and limitations and those of others, to build relationships that are responsible, compassionate, and trusting.

Accessible to All Students

Through parish-wide stewardship, a Catholic education is financially accessible. Using diocesan curriculum standards in conjunction with differentiated instruction, a Catholic education is available to all students in our area. Our school environment strives to be accessible to the physical needs of the community.                    

Educating the whole child

Sacred Heart Catholic School facilitates learning to meet the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each student by working together to best develop a faith-filled life that leads to an eternity with God.