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CEA 2015 Tax Credits form: click here!

You have until Monday, April 18th!

Thank you for helping our school children !!

Parents who have the primary and inalienable right and duty to educate their children must enjoy true liberty in their choice of schools. - Gravissimum Educationis, 1965

Fifty years later this quote from the Second Vatican Council is alive in Arizona! Because our great state has the private school tax credit program, our families here at Sacred Heart can freely chose a Catholic education regardless of their ability to pay.

Your state income tax dollars help our school at no additional cost to you. What you send to Catholic Education Arizona can be taken dollar-for-dollar off your state income tax bill. Contributors can also receive a 2016 federal tax deduction for their charitable gift!

Go to to take a tax credit and help these students!

Tax credits allow you to say where your money should be spent, so, keep your money right here in Prescott, helping families you already know!

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How does Catholic Education Arizona help our Sacred Heart School students here in Prescott?

CEA awards tax credit money as tuition-assistance scholarships for low income families ~ helping those families that need it the most! For this 2015-16 school year 73% of our students received support from your tax dollars because of their family's financial need. 

Plan now for your Arizona State Tax Credit to Catholic Education Arizona!

For tax year 2015, an individual can redirect up to $1, 067 and a married couple up to $2,134.

Click Here to Download the SHCS Tax Credit form for CEA - in English

Spanish Tax Credit Form

Here is more information to help understand Tax Credits at Sacred Heart!

You have until April 18, 2016 to make your tax credit contribution to Catholic Education Arizona and then take dollar-for-dollar off your state tax bill. Your donation between now and April 15, 2016 can be credited to your 2015 State Tax bill. On your Federal Tax Return, a tax credit to CEA looks like a donation and you can receive a donation credit. To receive a Federal donation credit, then you must make the tax credit donation by December 31st.


Your state income tax dollars can help get more students into Catholic school, at no additional cost to you. What you send to Catholic Education Arizona can be taken dollar-for-dollar off your state income tax bill.


A tax credit to Catholic Education Arizona can be anywhere from $1 to $1,067 if you file as a single person and $1 to $2,134 if you file as a married couple.


If you do not pay taxes when you file, it may because you had state tax taken from your paycheck already. See how a tax credit can be an over-payment and then YOU GET A REFUND: go to to learn more.

**I already did at Tax Credit to public school...

Tax Credits are cummulative! If you have enough state income tax liability, you can give to all category of tax credits. There are four categories: Private School, Public School, Arizona Working Poor Charities, Military Family Support Fund.  For information on ALL tax credits, please download this:  TAX CREDITS IN GENERAL

To Support Sacred Heart Catholic School, mail your tax credit to:

Catholic Education Arizona

2025 North Third Street #165

Phoenix, AZ 85004-1425

Use School Code “#131 for Sacred Heart/Prescott” to ensure your money comes back to Sacred Heart!

Or go on-line to: